Champagne taste on a beer budget /////// FABIO RANZOLIN ////////////// 29/10/19 > 05/11/19 /////////////

Spazio ORR open with the solo show Champagne taste on a beer budget by Fabio Ranzolin (1993), which opens on September 29th and ends on November 5th.

Spazio ORR is a new artist-run space located in Brescia. Originally, the three-room apartment was the studio of a naive painter who used to work in the former butcher shop next door.  Ranzolin, paying attention to the context, creates an exhibition with a fluid narrative structure, defined by quotations and fragments that reflect the theme of “desire and loving courtship”.  

At the entrance, a transparent PVC striped tent, typical of slaughterhouses, was installed, on which is a quote by Giorgio Vasari: «often passing by the places where birds were sold, by his own hand taking them out of cage and paid to those who sold them the price he asked for, he left them in the air at once, giving them back their lost freedom ".
Ranzolin, in this exhibition, creates allusions and plays with clichés, recalling amateur and deliberately kitsch aesthetics in a plurality of sensations: smells, sounds and images. Further, in space, there are six male parakeets that fly, while the user is asked to make popcorn in a microwave oven. Audio that reproduces the sound of some parakeets in mating is made to interact with writings of Leonardo da Vinci, Charles Darwin and the lyrics of “Parole di burro” by Carmen Consoli, sublimating a perverse tale of narcissism, evolutionary theories, and childhood memories. In Champagne taste on a beer budget, the concept of an exhibition is challenged with certain rudeness, in an attempt to immerse the visitor in a bold stream of consciousness in which anecdotes, thoughts, and references of famous personalities of art history converge with its own autobiography. Ranzolin reads the present as a society consumed by desire, the search for pleasure, and the need for new stimuli; a coveted present of passions in which the human condition is permeable like a stick of butter left on the ground.